In a South African radio FIRST – Hot 91.9FM Locks ‘n Loads its airtime

May 20, 2020

Johannesburg, 20 May 2020 – In a daringly innovative move, Managing Director of the award-winning Hot 91.9FM, Lloyd Madurai, today announced the launch of Hot 91.9FM’s new online buying platform Lock ‘n Load.

Lock ‘n Load is a package that has been tailor-made for the exclusive benefit of small businesses that have reopened or are reopening as the lockdown eases and need their brand to be top of mind now.

This is a real-time buying platform that puts the buying power of radio in the hands of small business owners at a price point within their reach.

After following a simple process, the advert will be on the radio within two hours, immediately giving small businesses the exposure they need. The Process is Simple:

  1. Go to and click on the Lock ‘n Load Hot Deal
  2. Select the timeslot and the number of spots you would like to purchase across the day or week, add to your cart, and check out.
  3. Complete the simple buying detail form and tell us about your business.
  4. Within 20 minutes of your payment being processed, you will be contacted by a Hot 91.9FM representative to assist you with your script and within two hours your 20-second read will be ready to go live on-air.

Madurai concludes, “Hot 91.9FM is deeply passionate about the development and survival of SME`s, particularly those that are community-based as we believe that they are the engine room that drives our economy and as a proud partner to the NSBC (National Small Business Chamber) we are offering their members a further 10% discount on “Lock ‘n Load”.