SA Radioman and Disability Activist Doug Anderson launches #MeAndMyScars Campaign

Sep 1, 2020

1 September 2020 – Today, on the first day of Spring in 2020, South African radioman and disability activist, Doug Anderson, aka the Voice on Wheels, launched the #MeAndMyScars campaign. The campaign aims to invite the public to share their story and their scars, on whichever platform they choose, and in any way they feel comfortable, using the hashtag #MeAndMyScars to help break the stigma around having “scars”.

Doug Anderson has invited a list of celebrities and influencers to share their stories too. The #MeAndMyScars campaign talks to changing mindsets on how beauty is defined and perceived by society. It talks to “scars” literally and metaphorically. It talks about owning and being proud of your “scars”, be it physical, emotional, and/or psychological.

Born with Spina Bifida, Doug has had a total of forty-nine surgeries to date. His many surgeries have left many physical, emotional, and psychological scars. He has first-hand experience of being judged for the way you look and how people react to scars. He knows what feels like to be teased, mocked, and insulted for having scars, for being “different” and having a disability. He has experienced first-hand how these reactions from society at large do damage to one’s self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love. He wants to change this through his #MeAndMyScars campaign and he invites the public to jump on board.

Doug is using this journey, his story, and his scars for this campaign, in the hope that others around the country and world will join in, tell their stories about their scars and hopefully inspire others to believe that even though we are “scarred” we are still beautiful, that we are worthy and that we belong.

“Scars mean that you have survived and this is what society needs to realise. Scars mean you overcame, scars mean that you won! Behind the scars are inspiring stories of true warriors!” says Doug. We ask then, why are their stories not told?  Why are people made to feel ashamed of their scars?

Doug invites you to be part of this campaign, share your story and scars on whichever platform or medium you choose. Help Doug break the stigma using the hashtag #MeAndMyScars.

For visual gallery #MeAndMyScars please click on the following link:

Me&MyScars visuals