Ticketpro Dome’s Hybrid Studio: Virtually all you need for exceptional events

Mar 3, 2021

To meet the unprecedented havoc Covid-19 and its subsequent lockdowns brought from early 2020 onwards, the Ticketpro Dome team had to re-think events and entertainment in a way not seen before.

Says Ticketpro Dome Portfolio Director: “This was not about adapting to the ‘new normal’, but about creating a whole new feature for the industry, starting with social distancing and other safety protocols, and building a complete digital solution that can take music, events and corporate messaging to their specific audiences.”

Enter the Ticketpro Dome Hybrid Studio, a versatile multipurpose venue offering action across three platforms: Virtual, live, and hybrid, which is an ingenious combination of digital and reality. The Hybrid Studio bridges the gap between live and virtual shows, to deliver a fully integrated, flexible digital solution to match any budget, big or small. 

“The studio can be booked without any physical audience or with the current capacity, in keeping with Cocid-19 protocols. We ensure the all-important social distancing in your choice of several room designs to choose from.”

Penprase highlights the benefits of Hybrid’s connection with your audience, from registration through to online engagement. “You can measure how participants have engaged and when they dropped off, giving you vital stats.”

“This critical information on your attendees’ interests throughout the session can provide successful building blocks for future content. Surveys and polls capture valuable data that can drive future sales, marketing, and product development initiatives for any business,” she says.

Bespoke plans for market conditions

The Hybrid Studio can be booked within 24 hours, depending on availability and content required, shows or events are streamed live to an audience of thousands. “Our project manager will work with you to curate bespoke events to meet your objectives, and you can invite your audience via email or social media,” says Penprase.

“By tailoring a hybrid solution for your event, you get valuable and impactful on your return on investment, and our technology allows enhanced flexibility in our approach and delivery, due with its reach and scalability across borders. Importantly, we understand the industry and the constraints we are all under, so we’re not just a rate-card – we’re your partners in innovative experiences across all business.” 

The Hybrid Studio offers solutions for SMEs and corporates; solo entertainers or bands; and product launches that bring the media and consumers together for maximum coverage.

Covid-19 has shifted how to view technology and work from home (WFH) now enables edgy, altered connections with audiences, Penprase says, adding that sponsors and corporates are aligning their budgets to take advantage of the shift and the technology and combine a hybrid solution to complement their live events.

For more information on the Ticketpro Dome Hybrid Studio, go to www.ticketprodome.co.za or neil@ticketprodome.co.za 


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