Hot 102.7FM…The Big Switch! You listened, we heard.

Mar 24, 2022

Johannesburg, 24 March 2022 – Over the past two months, we asked the residents of Joburg to give us input and feedback about Hot 102.7FM. We asked about the music we play, our presenters, the news bulletins, on-air competitions, and our social responsibility programmes. All the things that matter to you, matter to us as we continue presenting world-class radio.  With your valuable input, we have been able to evaluate and fine-tune  Hot 102.7FM as we strive to be your #1 station in Gauteng.

The response from  the residents of Johannesburg was overwhelming and has afforded Hot 102.7FM valuable input which includes:

  • More music and less talk was loud and clear, so we’ve increased our weekday music mixes and back to back hit plays
  • You want to hear more hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Yay! Our favourite decades!
  • You love winning or hearing people win. So we guarantee we’ll be paying out more cash and prizes for the rest of 2022.
  • Like us, you feel for the underprivileged communities and those organizations who do so much for the poor, elderly, and animals respectively. We deeply appreciate your suggestions for additional charities who could benefit from our CSI initiatives and believe is we care with Hot Cares.
  • You enjoy your news, you want it topical and relevant to your lives. However with so much negativity in the world today you`d like to hear more feel-good stories in our news bulletins. We have already implemented this and look forward to your suggestions for a good news story.
  • Everyone likes a good party meaning our Old Skool parties are a must. We are going to organize more of these in the near future and we`ll see you on the dancefloor.

Hot 102.7FM Managing Director Lloyd Madurai concludes,” Joburg’s 2022 radio check-up was exactly what we set out to achieve – an honest survey of what listeners really think about their radio stations. We listened and have now made the BIG SWITCH to the best world-class radio experience”.

Set your dial on Hot 102.7FM, catch us on DSTV audio channel 822 and streaming all over on “.


About HOT 102.7FM

We are the all-new mighty Hot102.7FM – playing you the best old skool and R&B. We love radio and we absolutely love the music we play and we’re under strict instructions to have fun whilst we entertain you.

If you start your day with Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show, featuring Tony, Bunny, Simon, and Johnny, don’t be surprised to find yourself in a good mood for the rest of the day. Sure, we serve up the regular breakfast fare, but we do it whilst having some laughs, and even the occasional tear. It’s the breakfast show that will set your mood right for the day ahead.

Everybody’s favourite baldie, Mark Pilgrim, and the sultry Ursula Chikane keep you company throughout your workday, before Parky and the Squad take over The Big Joburg Drive with Parky on the mic, jokes and quirky facts about the world you live in; Dylan on Sports and light banter (mainly aimed at Parky) and Keo on News and traffic.

Then multi-platform financial journalist, Michael Avery, sums up the day’s business news, trends, and insights and serves it up in a tidy helping that ensures you are in touch with the latest market moves.

Hot Evenings with Simone and Late Night Love Songs with Bra Treasure take you through your weekday evenings.

Keeping you in good company throughout the weekend, is our legendary line-up of Rob Vega, Mark Pilgrim, Kevin Savage, Lloyd Madurai, Shane “The Duke” Wellington, Devon Dalbock, Bra Treasure, Simone, and Benjy Mudie.

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