Spintechs by Quinton de Kock

Sep 6, 2017

The names themselves strikes fear into most batsmen– Shane Warne…Muttiah Muralitharan…Daniel Vittori …Anil Kumble…Imran Tahir…Moeen Ali, one of the world`s greatest proponents of spin bowling. … Spin bowlers are crafty technicians, delivering a ball that on the face of it looks fairly straightforward but completely does the opposite, resulting in a long head-scratching walk back to the pavilion.

Spin bowling is a mysterious art with a variety of actions like The Doosra, The Googly, The Flipper, The Off Break and The Slider among others. Call it what you will but the fact remains that spin bowling perplexes the majority of batsmen and volumes have been written on how to counter this potentially devastating style of bowling. South African cricketers, in particular, have struggled against top-class spinners, most notably on the spin-friendly pitches of the subcontinent.

One cricketer that has excelled against spin is the 2016 ICC ODI and Test Cricketer of the Year, Quinton De Kock. Known as Quinny to his Proteas teammates, his passion and commitment to the game of cricket is unparalleled. Quinton has always believed in giving something back to his fans and fellow sportsmen alike and has developed an exciting new concept to help aspiring cricketers, both amateur and professional, to help them cope with the complexities of spin.


Created and developed by Quinton, Spintechs is a unique, specially designed mat that automatically spins the ball for you, enhancing the bounce and the speed of the ball. This allows you, as a batsman or wicketkeeper, to experience all the angles that you would face in a competitive match. No need to hire heavy expensive equipment over and over again that is hard and complicated to assemble. Whether you’re young or old, an amateur, play professionally or for a club, Spintechs is an invaluable and innovative accessory that can help you become your team`s best batsman or wicketkeeper yet.

Watch Spintechs in action with Quinny!

Quinton`s testimonial

Hi I’m Quinton de Kock,

From as young as I can remember, it was my dream to become one of the best cricket players in South Africa and to represent my country. Every day after school I played and practised, if I wasn’t playing in matches or at practise, I’d be at home waiting for my dad to get home so that he could bowl with me. I lived cricket and breathed it. It was, and still is, my greatest love.

Finally, with a lot of hard work and a passion for the game, I was discovered at school (King Edward School). I soon joined the under-19 team for the Cricket World Cup. I now proudly represent the South African men’s side (Proteas), both as a top-order batsman and wicketkeeper, the Titans provincial team, and the Delhi Daredevils in IPL.

In 2016, through my dedication to cricket, and my passion for the game, I was awarded honours as the ICC ODI Cricket Player of the Year, the South African Cricketer of the Year, the Test Cricketer of the Year, the ODI Cricketer of the Year, the South African Player of the Year and the South African Fans Player of the Year, at the annual CSA Awards.

Today, I am so grateful for every opportunity given to me, and I can proudly say that dreams do come true, but with a lot of work and practise. Now, more than ever, I want to give back to all of those who have believed in me: my family, my friends and my fans. Without your help, I would never have gotten to where I am today.

This is why I want to present every cricket player – amateur or professional, young or old with Spintechs, a product to help you practise playing the game you love.

Quinton de Kock


Play any spin with …..     

  • 1x1m non-slip, extra grip mat to play on-the-go.
  • Effects the motion of a spinning ball with individual rubber nodules to enhance the spin effect.
  • Highly technical and unique wave design to enhance both leg spin and off spin.
  • Targets only the spin.
  • Safe and easy to use with no time consuming set ups.
  • A high quality, heavy duty rubber product made for wear and tear.
  • Extra bouncy effect that produces different angles every time.
  • Spintechs is perfect for young & old, amateurs & professionals, coaching clinics, schools, clubs, provincial and national teams.

Spintechs spin mat slips easily into its bag, which makes it even easier to place into your equipment bag! Play ball, all day, every day with Spintechs.

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