The Bra Guru Products and the Importance of a Well-fitted Bra

Nov 9, 2015

The Bra Guru is your personal bra fitting specialist dedicated to providing a professional bra-fitting service.  The need for a specialist in this field has risen from the global statistic that 70% of woman wear the wrong bra size. In addition to the fact that an average woman can change her bra size up to six times in her life, more and more woman are deciding to make use of this specialised service.  Take the fuss out of bra shopping and have a measurement and fitting done in the comfort of the plush fitting studios that will make you feel both comfortable and relaxed. Get to see your body transform with the help of a great fitting bra.  “When you have the right support and shape you can take inches of your waistline, improve your posture and begin to feel the comfortable benefits of a perfect fit!” says Taryn Palacios, owner of The Bra Guru, “Buying a better quality bra also means you have a minimum of 200 wears and have to spend less money in the long run for all day support.”

A study published by The Daily Mail in 2013 indicates that, on average, four out of five women are wearing an ill-fitting bra which could be the cause of a variety of health problems ranging from poor posture to skin rashes to indigestion. “There is a world of bras out there and there is absolutely NO reason to wear a bad fitting bra with the range and knowledge that is available to you at The Bra Guru, you wouldn’t wear a shoe 2 sizes too big or too small! So why do we do this with our bras?”

The Bra Guru Offers five product ranges – Taryn says: “I have identified that there are five definite ranges that feature a variety of styles that will suit most if not all breast shapes”.

Each of the five ranges caters for women’s specific needs and comfort.  The Bra Guru caters for a size range from 28-54 A-K cups and can assist you with sensual and lacy, no wire, t-shirt, maternity and let’s not forget the sports bra range designed for high impact sports to provide the best comfort and support possible.

The Bra Guru stocks an imported range of top quality brands including: Rosa Faia, Anita Active, PrimaDonna, Marie JO, Felina, Glamorise, Panache and Trinny and Susannah Cette shapewear.

The Bra Guru is located at Block 3, Fountain Grove, No.5 Second Rd, Hyde Park, Sandton, 2196 and a personal bra-fitting appointment can be made by contacting +27 11 268 0358 as well as on